Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoctoral Scholar in Quantum Nanophotonics and Optomechanics 28/09/2018 PostDoc
PhD Quantum Communication Stockholm University 02/10/2018 PhD
Postdoc Position in Quantum Computing 01/11/2018 PostDoc
QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellowships 01/12/2018 PostDoc
Funded PhD or postdoc position in quantum communication and the study of quantum networks 20/09/2018 PhD, PostDoc
Masters and PhD positions in quantum algorithms, complexity theory, and cryptography Other, PhD
Quantum Simulations of Curved Spacetime (Analogue Gravity) 31/12/2018 PostDoc
Faculty Position in Quantum Information Theory, Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong 31/10/2018 Professorship
Faculty Position In Theoretical And Computational Molecular Science 01/11/2018 Professorship
Faculty position at H.I.T. 15/09/2018 Other
PhD position in Quantum Optics and Quantum Metrology PhD
Research Associate/Fellow in non-equilibrium classical and quantum many-body physics 21/09/2018 PostDoc
Scientific Software Developer (HPC and parallel computing) – two positions 19/09/2018 Other, PostDoc
Postdoc or staff scientist in the Light-Matter Interactions Unit, OIST, Japan 15/09/2018 Other, PostDoc
PhD Position Theory in Quantum Communication Networks 20/08/2018 PhD
Software Engineer Quantum Networks 30/08/2018 Other
PhD Position Quantum Computer Science in Quantum Networks 20/08/2018 PhD
Postdoctoral Position in Random Matrices & Related Fields 01/10/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in quantum information in Warsaw 22/08/2018 PhD
Post-doc position in theory of free-space secure quantum communication 15/09/2018 PostDoc